Casey and Justin - Deluxe Love Story

Casey and Justin tell the heartwarming story of their blended family.

Tell the story of your love!


the emotional power of the interview

Share the story of your love! Family, friends, and future generations can smile and cry as they see and hear your unique story unfold. The Love Story Film is an incredibly versatile package.  It's a story that can be told by the newly engaged, or by couples who have been married for decades - recounting the story of their love and life together. The finished creation is an engaging mix of interviews, music and video montage that creates a powerful and emotional experience for all who view it.


include Family and Friends

Create a Deluxe Love Story by including loved ones!  They can offer their touching perspective of your 

life and love.


Video montage

Our video team will film you at a location of your choice to add visual interest and emotional content to

 your story.

Love Story Packages

Love Story Packages will be discounted 10% when paired with any Wedding Package.