A cinematic, multi-camera video with professionally recorded audio is by far the best way to capture the nuances of a live musical performance.  Whether you are playing a show for hundreds, performing a classical recital, or just running through a set-list in your practice space, a professionally produced video is a great way to preserve and showcase your artistic endeavors. 

Matthew Thomas Media specializes in quality audio captured independently from our video equipment and later mixed to provide a rich “live-sound” to your video.  We have experience recording a diverse array of instruments and genres – from solo acoustic instruments, to amped groups playing through the house sound system of a large rock venue. 

Pricing will vary according to the details of the performance and the complexity of the production.

Base Price for Video Capture and Audio Recording

$250 per hour with a 2-hour minimum

Editing Fee

$40 per hour of video/audio editing.  Estimate of editing time is provided once the client’s production needs have been discussed.